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LED Solo Emergency Light
LED Solo Emergency Light

LED Solo Emergency Light

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Solo Emergency Light is a non-maintained, self-contained LED emergency luminaire comprising an LED emergency LED driver, hinged rechargeable battery and a flush-mount SELV lamp head. Its compact, low-profile hinged design means it can be installed through a 42mm lamp mounting hole, so making it ideal for use fixed ceiling applications. The LED lamp incorporates a hidden ‘push to test’ switch and provides a constant power output of 1.5W, so maintaining spacing throughout the rated duration. The symmetrical distribution of light gives 8m spacing from a typical 2.5m height when using an open area lamp head. For the most efficient spread of light along corridors, an optional corridor lens version is available to provide a spacing of 19m from the same height.


✔ Input Supply Voltage: 230V +/- 10%
✔ Supply Frequency: 50/60 Hz
✔ Maximum Spacing: (1 LUX) 8m (Open Area), 19m (Corridor Lens)
✔ Battery Type: 2.4V 4Ah 18700 NiMH
✔ Maximum Ambient Temperature: 35°C
✔ Battery Charge Time: 24 Hours
✔ Earth Leakage Current: <0.5mA
✔ IP Rating: IP20