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Daylight Harvesting Sensor
Daylight Harvesting Sensor

Daylight Harvesting Sensor

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Our daylight harvesting sensors are a great addition to our Thor Highbays, They provide energy savings without the need to sacrifice visual comfort. With built-in ambient light-dependent control they are directly connected to the 1-10V interface.
Simple setting of the target light level by means of a potentiometer.

Our DH sensor supplies a simple and effective solution for daylight harvesting. Connecting to a 1-10V interface and using a photocell to measure ambient lux level and automatically calculate how much artificial light is needed, and then convert the amount of light to 1-10V dimmable control gears (ballasts or LED drivers).1-10V dimmable control gears adjust the lighting output according to the signal from the daylight sensor giving you total control to Dim down/up luminaires according to an ambient brightness level.

✔ Product Code: SLLTHOR/DH
✔ Guarantee: 3 years
✔ IP Rating: IP20
✔ Dimensions: 69.3 x Ø21.47mm
✔ Compatible with any 1-10V Dimming Driver
✔ Directly connected to 1-10V interface
✔ Distinguishes between artificial and natural light
✔ Can be precisely pre-set via a Rotary wheel (potentiometer)
✔ Control up to 8 fittings
✔ Flexible mounting options