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4ft Magni Tri Wattage CCT Batten

4ft Magni Tri Wattage CCT Batten

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The Magni 9 in 1 LED Batten Light is a highly versatile and energy-efficient lighting solution that is designed to provide maximum flexibility for both installers and end-users. The light features an innovative design that combines 9 different features within the fitting, making it an all-in-one solution for a range of lighting requirements.

This fitting has been designed to be installer and user-friendly, with easy access to internal components, convenient dip switches, and push-fit connections. This ensures that the installation process is quick and easy, and the fitting is safe to use for end-users. For the installer, we added a hinged gear tray, push-fit connections, and multiple fixing points, as well as conduit knockouts at the sides of each fitting for ease of installation. For the end user, our CCT selectable and wattage selectable dip switches are located outside of the fitting for easy access. This allows users to select the desired light levels without the need to open the fitting, making it safer and more convenient.

These fittings are the preferred source of light for the modern day and are ideal for many different commercial and residential spaces including kitchens, offices, schools, and hospitals. While remaining unobtrusive, they provide a crisp, clean light source that offers ample illumination. It has a lumen output of up to 6000 lumens, which makes it highly efficient and provides bright illumination. The light also has a high efficacy of 140 lumens per watt, making it an energy-efficient solution.

One of these models in stock for wholesalers means that you have 9 solutions in hand, with the benefit of different colour temperatures and wattages within one fitting.

✔ Product: 4ft Magni Tri Wattage CCT Batten
✔ Product Code: SLL4FTM/TW/CCT
✔ Wattages: 20w, 30w, 40w (Selectable)
✔ Colour Temperature: 3000K / 4000K / 6500K (Selectable)
✔ Lumens: 2800/4200/5600
✔ Lumens Per Watt: 140
✔ Guarantee: 5 years
✔ CRI: >80
✔ Beam Angle: 120°
✔ IP Rating: IP20
✔ IK Rating: IK08
✔ Voltage: 180 – 240V 50/60Hz
✔ Power Factor: PF: >0.9
✔ Operating Temperature: -20°C to + 45°C
✔ Dimensions: 1500*65*70mm
✔ Material: Pressed Iron Base & Heatsink, Diffuser Polycarbonate